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Are your Koozie® drinkware products safe?

Of course! We are fun loving people but take your health and well-being very seriously.

Are Koozie® drinkware products BPA Free?

All Koozie® drinkware products are BPA free and tested to applicable product safety standards.

Where are your KOOZIE® drinkware products made?

We design most of our Koozie® drinkware products right here in the United States at our headquarters in Florida and manufacture them in China. We are thoughtful when selecting manufacturing partners and all our factories are audited to meet our social compliance standards.

How long will my KOOZIE® drinkware keep my drink cold?

The short answer is – long enough. The long answer is – it depends on the item you are using and a lot of variables like how much ice you use, etc. Based on the model, some can keep your drink cold up to 12 hours. Thirsty first-thing in the morning? Pour your cold beverage into your Koozie® drinkware before bed and it will still be chill in the morning.

How long will my KOOZIE® Drinkware keep my drink hot?

The amount of time a drink stays hot in Koozie® drinkware depends on the model, but it is definitely long enough to finish your coffee or tea. But be careful! Stay chill and be sure to let your beverage cool to a drinkable temperature. Burnt tongues aren’t fun for anyone.

How do I clean my KOOZIE® Stainless Steel Tumbler?

If you want to keep your Koozie® drinkware looking sharp let your fingers do the cleaning. Abrasive products and the dishwasher may damage the quality and the finish of your drinkware. If you’re feeling lazy you can do whatever you want, but you’ve been warned.

Where can I purchase a KOOZIE® drinkware product?

You can find Koozie® drinkware products for sale where you find everything else: Amazon.com.

Do you offer customization?

We may not wear a suit and tie every day, but the Koozie® brand definitely has a “business” side. We offer large quantity customization for companies through our promotional products division, Koozie Group. All inquiries should be directed to your favorite Promotional Products Distributor.

How do I find a Promotional Products Distributor in my area?

We love all our Distributors and don’t play favorites, so we can’t possibly suggest just one. However, in many cases you can find a local Distributor with a simple internet search. If you’ve somehow missed the last 20 years; it’s as easy as typing “Promotional Products Distributors” and your location into any search engine.