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What Koozie® brand is all about


Friendly. Cool. Like that friend you just can’t get enough of.


Bold. Happy vibes. We like to have a great time and keep those good times going. Just like you.


We are authentic, true to who we are and honest about what our products do.


Our iconic past guides the innovative vision of our in-house designers to make products you’ll love.


Our products are designed to perform exceptionally well for your modern life, with a touch of fun.

About Us Koozie® images
The Koozie® brand was born on April 16, 1979, when a construction worker found that piping insulation kept his sodas cool and his hands dry while on the work site. (Read more about him here.)
The Splash in the Koozie® logo acts as a whimsical exclamation point to emphasize the brand ethos of fun, and hints at the four seasons because Koozie® brand products are meant to be used for year-round adventures.
Love color like we do?  The colors in the new Koozie® logo represent the places you go to have a good time – in the sun, the mountains, the sand and the surf – reminding you that Koozie® brand makes everywhere just a little more fun.

Follow the fun.