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10 11 Reasons the Hartwell is Better

When the Koozie® team set out to create a tumbler that lived up to our 40-year history of performance and style we knew we needed to deliver. Working with our friends at SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) we developed the Koozie® Hartwell to be the go-to tumbler for a new generation of Koozie® fans.

Just to prove what we already know, that the Hartwell is 🔥~fire~🔥, we thought we’d share our top 10 11 reasons the award-winning Koozie® Hartwell is just better.

1. The Heat is On (and the chill too)
Put on your lab coat because it’s time for a science refresher! The Koozie® Hartwell has double-wall vacuum insulation with a copper lining. This lining helps distribute the hot or cold more evenly across the inner surface of the tumbler to keep your beverage at the right temperature longer. It may have been a while since you’ve checked in with Bill Nye, so here’s the gist: copper lining stops convection in its tracks, and better distributes hot or cold.

2. Drinkin’ Tough
The Koozie® Hartwell is powder coated so it is ready for whatever the day brings. Powder coatings are applied with a thermal bonding process that provides a durable, high-quality, attractive finish. With the laser engraved Koozie® branding at the bottom this is some seriously good-looking drinkware.

3. No Need to Rush
By now we all know the Koozie® brand is the master of keeping beverages at the right temperature. When you use the Hartwell, you can be sure your morning coffee will stay hot for up to 7 hours or water cold for up to 12 hours. But let’s be honest, if it’s taking hours to finish your beverage you may need to reevaluate your priorities.

4. Best in Black
Looking to embrace your dark side? Well, the Hartwell is right in line with street style stars who are embracing the neo-gothic look for 2019. (1) Nothing will ruin the trendy vibe of an all-over black ensemble more than carrying your morning coffee in a blush or mint tumbler. You can count on the Hartwell to keep it dark, moody and chic.

5. Respect the Legend
The Koozie® brand has been changing the way the world enjoys their favorite beverages for 40 years. Our fun-filled past and reputation for innovation was the driving force behind developing the Hartwell, and our in-house design team is just getting started.

6. Looks Matter
With a thoughtful design, the Koozie® Hartwell is the perfect choice to be your everyday tumbler. The black finish is stylish yet subtle, and the slim profile fits nicely in your hand and in any cupholder. With 64% of Americans drinking coffee every day and 79% of coffee drinkers brewing their cup of joe at home, we are more than happy to provide the most stylish tumbler option out there. (2) Because if you’re drinking on the go, you should look good doing it.

7. Providing the Perfect Sip
The Hartwell is made of 18/8 kitchen-grade stainless steel which is strong stuff. This high-quality material means there will be no corrosion, it is of course BPA-free, and you won’t end up with any metallic-tasting additions to your favorite beverages.

8. Stains are such a Pain
The investors on Shark Tank may be intrigued by fizzy tablets that remove stains from your drinkware, but we aren’t really impressed. That could be because the Koozie® Hartwell is stain-proof so specialty cleaning products need not apply.

9. That’s so hot
We’ve heard from some Koozie® fans that the Hartwell keeps their morning coffee so hot they can’t even get the first sip down before lunch time! While our fun-loving engineers may be very proud of this heat retention we recommend you proceed with caution and sip safely.

10. Get your Name out There
We know you’ll fall in love with the Koozie® Hartwell, and there’s no better way to promote your business than on products you love. Check out the Corporate Sales page of our website to learn how you can customize the Hartwell with your company logo! There’s no better way to get your name in the hands of customers than with stylish drinkware from The Original Chill.

11. No Need to Spill the Tea
The rumors are true! The Koozie® Hartwell has a unique slider lid that is leak-proof, so you can spend your time worrying about the stranger things happening in your small town and not about spilling your beverage. Throw it in your bag, on your bike, or take it to the upside down – the Hartwell will not leak.