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Koozie® – the insulation experts

Have you ever wondered how Koozie® can coolers and drinkware keep your beverages at just the right temperature? Well, we’ve got answers. In fact, we think of ourselves as insulation experts so read on to learn exactly how your favorite Koozie® can koolers and tumblers get the job done.


Tumblers: Keepin’ it Toasty

In regular mugs, hot or cold finds its way in and out through convection. Containers with vacuum insulation like the Koozie® Hartwell Tumbler have a virtually airless space between the walls to stop the convection process and minimize temperature changes. (2) This means your morning coffee stays hot and cool water remains chill – just how you like it!

Good: Air Insulation

Air between the inner and outer walls insulates the beverage inside by forcing hot or cold to transfer through a layer of air. This means it takes longer for heat/chill to escape, so your drink stays at the right temperature longer.

Better: Foam Insulation

Foam between the inner and outer walls slows down the transfer of hot or cold from the inner wall to the outer wall. Just like classic Koozie® can coolers help insulate cans and bottles, foam insulation helps regulate the temperature inside tumblers.

Best: Vacuum Insulation

This is a high-efficiency form of insulation used in popular stainless steel tumblers like the Koozie® Insulated Triple Can Cooler. By removing as much air as possible from between the inner and outer walls, convection becomes ineffective at transferring the heat/chill out of your beverage. The hot or cold can only radiate between the walls so your drink stays hotter (or colder) longer.

Premium: Copper Vacuum Insulation

A copper lining between the inner and outer walls of a tumbler leads to the best levels of insulation performance. Copper lining like you find in the Koozie® Hartwell Vacuum Tumbler helps distribute the hot or cold more evenly across the entire inner surface so your drink is able to hold its temperature until the last drop.


Can Coolers: The Thrill of the Chill

With a 40-year history, the Koozie® brand is the authority in keeping beverages cooler, longer. After all, we are the original chill. So, what’s the science behind it? A Koozie® can cooler insulates the drink inside a can or bottle while also reducing the amount of condensation that develops on the outside. It may not seem like a tiny film of water could make a difference, but it really does! (3)

Good: Foam

The classic choice when it comes to beverage insulation, foam and poly foam, are soft and flexible in your hand. Poly foam material has a good amount of stretch, allowing these can coolers to fit around a larger variety of beverage containers to keep drinks chilled and hands dry.

Better: Neoprene

Originally created to keep scuba divers insulated in frigid water, neoprene fabric is a higher-quality material that helps keep beverages cooler, longer. Neoprene has a slimmer profile and an elevated look that is perfect for special occasions and events.

Best: Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel

The cream of the crop when it comes to can cooler insulation is vacuum insulation like you find in the Koozie® Insulated Triple Can Cooler. Removing air between the inner and outer walls keeps the cold in so it doesn’t escape and cans/bottles remained chillier for longer. Condensation is also eliminated so hands stay warm and dry.

There you have it! Now you’re armed and ready with enough insulation knowledge to impress your friends the next time you’re hanging out and enjoying a drink or two.

TL;DR – Koozie® products keep your beverages at the right temperature, so never be caught without one!

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